Working with CSR, Holcim and Wilmar

The Association is regarded as having a legitimate and important role in putting forward the staff point of view on employment and industrial issues. While CSR, Holcim and Wilmar promote themselves as being receptive and responsible employers with sound personnel practices, we acknowledge that given the size of the Companies, and even with the best intentions, issues can arise in the workplace.

The Association has fostered strong working relationships with CSR, Holcim and Wilmar, and in turn the Companies are open to the views expressed by the Association on a broad range of employment, industrial and workplace issues.   

Being part of the Association is a positive for Members when dealing with issues that invariably arise from time to time in the Companies workplaces. CSR, Holcim and Wilmar also recognise the importance of having a strong working relationship with the Association as the parties work together to address employment and industrial issues in an ever changing workplace landscape.

The Association is an excellent advocate for Members when canvassing employment and industrial issues with CSR, Holcim and Wilmar. 


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