Cheryl Smith

I joined Salaried Staff United in September 2021 covering a temporary vacancy and am now happily engaged in the role of Industrial Relations Manager.

I had the privilege of working for three years with the HCF Union several years ago and during that time I realised most of the issues could have been resolved before employees felt they had to contact the union.

This understanding helped me carve out a career in Human Resources. I found it didn’t matter what industry you worked in, helping people develop and achieve their goals was the most rewarding for me.

My roles included State Human Resources Manager for Adelaide, Vic. and QLD and various National HR Positions for Coles Myers Ltd, Qantas group, John Holland Aviation and finally HR Manager for Vic/Tas SA, WA and NZ at CSR Lightweight Systems.

What I love in my current role at SSU is, it gives me the opportunity to help our members from a personal growth perspective as well as with regard to IR matters. I am accredited to run assessment and development programmes (Lifestyle Inventory; Team Wheel; McQuaig and Hogan) which I see as being potentially a huge benefit to many members: .
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