Jean Campbell

I first came into CSR as a casual to open envelopes for two weeks on a semester break. That was the NSW October long weekend 1988. It was a very long weekend, 26 years long in fact! 😊 

I have been working with the Association since 2012 when I was asked to join the Executive Council, and then as a non-EC volunteer after the end of my Holcim employment in 2014/15. 

 I have been the SSU accountant since 2016 and now also cover systems and member admin. 

 I joined the Association in 1994 as many have, during a restructure. A recurring theme. I consider myself lucky to have been employed by CSR and continue with Holcim. “Back in the day” the Companies invested heavily in staff training, and I obtained much advantage. Over the years I completed my degree and CPA qualifications and gained experience and skills within the company and in various roles (Share Registry, Treasury, Taxation, Group Reporting, Audit and Control Assurance). I’m still learning today with exposure to new systems within the SSU Association. 

 I would recommend to any prospective member to join SSU and take advantage of the HR/IR advice available to you should you need it. You don’t need to have a “problem”, although SSU can assist you there too, but you might just need some advice and encouragement as to how to progress with your own self and workplace development. 

 To me, that’s what life and work is all about – personal growth and development. Make the most of where you are and what you’ve got, but always be on the lookout for opportunities. 

Help yourself and help others along the way.   


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