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Membership Benefits

The Membership Benefits of the Association are broad ranging. In the challeging employment and industrial landscape in which the Association operates, salaried employees who become Members automatically receive advocacy and support on a range of workplace issues within CSR, Holcim or Wilmar.

By way of a brief summary the Association provides Members with information and advice on:

Terms and Conditions of Employment

Many of your current terms and conditions of employment have been negotiated on your behalf over the years by the Association. Some of the benefits we have participated in achieving, maintaining and protecting are the CSR Staff (Consolidated) Award 2000, Redundancy and Retrenchment Agreement 2002, Certified Agreements including the CSR JG 11 and Above Certified Agreement 1998, Refined Sugar Services Staff Award 2000, Holcim Staff Agreements in NSW/ACT, QLD/NT, WA, SA, VIC and TAS, changes in…


Employment and Industrial Advice

Remember, the Association is only a phone call or email away.

If you have any questions about your terms and conditions of employment, or a work related problem that you just want to talk to someone about, or you want advice on how to handle a work related situation - then pick up the phone and contact the Association or send us an email.

Our friendly and professional staff will endeavour to assist you in resolving your issues.

Our phone number is (02)9964 1747 or email us.

We do try and visit…


Elect Member Representatives and Executive Council Members

As a Member of the Association you are entitled to nominate or stand for a position as a Representative at your workplace or nominate to stand for appointment as an Executive Member on the Association's Executive Council.

Nominations and elections for Executive Council positions are held every two (2) years.

The 2015 election will conclude on 15 September 2015 with the next election for the Association's Executive Council taking placing in around July 2017. The Association's elections are…


Working with CSR, Holcim and Wilmar

The Association is regarded as having a legitimate and important role in putting forward the staff point of view on employment and industrial issues. While CSR, Holcim and Wilmar promote themselves as being receptive and responsible employers with sound personnel practices, we acknowledge that given the size of the Companies, and even with the best intentions, issues can arise in the workplace.

The Association has fostered strong working relationships with CSR, Holcim and Wilmar, and in turn…