Wayne Gonsalves

I first joined Humes as a casual worker at Welshpool back in 1994 and Humes still part of the CSR Group and joined the SSU around 1997 after a bit of a tumultuous and pressured IR period. I took over as SSU Welshpool Member Rep around 2008.

I take my “rep” role very seriously and have assisted SSU IR Managers by representing my local colleagues and working with management on behalf of both.

I involved myself as a strong liaison between SSU and local members during the recent Holcim WA EBA negotiations, helping put forward concerns and ideas from co-workers.

My colleagues often asked questions and I wanted to understand how the Association was run from the inside. After joining the EC, I was not surprised that I was required to undergo mandatory ROC Governance training. What did surprise me was the amount of hours that are invested by the EC Members in running the Association. Contrary to what some other members thought, I confirmed that the EC members work for the Association as unpaid volunteers.

I continue to encourage membership of the Association as I've seen first hand the benefits and relief that are so often provided to SSU members when they have needed it most.



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